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"Highlights of Venture Capital Investment"

"Texas Ranks in the Top Quartile in the United States for Amount Invested in Venture Capital"

"Software and Biotechnology Continue to be Top Investment Areas"

"Focus on Later Stage Companies"
  Sentient Ventures is a private equity firm that invests in seed, early, and expansion stage companies using the following fund types:

  • Early Stage Venture Capital
  • Middle Market Private Equity
  • Subordinated Debt
The firm's current investment focus is on Middle Market Private Equity and Subordinated Debt transactions with the following basic criteria:
  • $500,000 to $7.5 million investment size.
  • Prefer $500,000 to $4 million of EBITDA, but will look at earlier and later stage companies with a solid operating history.
  • Open as to market, including low tech and traditional businesses. However, will not invest in real estate, retail, and professional services businesses.
  • Company must maintain its headquarters in Texas.
  • Equity (for a buy-out) and Subordinated Debt financing vehicles.
  • Capital is typically used for expansion, buy-out, acquisition, founder diversification, and adding lines of business.
For additional details, see investment criteria.

Sentient Ventures evaluates investment opportunities using a comprehensive investment process driven by a team that has extensive experience in the disciplines of venture capital investment, entrepreneurial management, strategic planning, and independent analysis of high growth emerging companies.

This investment and operating experience provides access to top-tier deal flow, expertise to complete thorough due diligence, and the ability to provide hands-on portfolio management with the desire to add value whenever possible to each portfolio company.

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